What's the Catch?

o-envelopeWhy isn't everyone sending electronic documents?

It sounds too good to be true, if the cost savings are so significant, why isn’t everyone sending electronic documents?

There are a number of reasons for this:

  1. Some companies can’t easily automate the creation and sending of documents from their business system
  2. Some customers/partners won’t accept a PDF document – they want a true electronic exchange of data or they simply aren’t setup to receive an email
  3. Some companies haven’t thought about it or don't take kindly to change
  4. Reliability – some companies feel post is more reliable and worry emails can, in some instances, disappear into the ether

Let’s look at how the objections above can be overcome:

  • Output Management Software -  Our Formate software will take the generic output from ERP systems and intelligently create and deliver PDF documents if you don't already have this capability
  • Tell your customer that it’s part of your environmental policy to deliver electronic documents to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Government organisations and certain professions are slow to change and bound by red tape. Although organisations need to address modern document delivery methods this is probably the most difficult sector to tackle.
  • Reliability – email transmission of PDF documents is more reliable in percentage terms than post, but technological issues can suddenly disrupt the process (changes of email address, spam filter/firewall updates blocking valid email traffic etc).  ParetoPost™ addresses and can overcome these issues.