Return on Investment


If you post 2,000 business documents per month, by moving to ParetoPost you could instantly save over £20,000 a year!

Not only will ParetoPost™ slash your mail costs, it will also:

  • Get Invoices paid faster - Reduce your DSO (Days Sales Outstanding)
  • Empower your credit controllers to remove excuses to pay
  • Eliminate the need to send copy invoices - Self Service Portal available 24x7
  • Reduce bounced emails when sending PDF attachments
  • Improve communications with your customers
  • Reduce your carbon footprint – Save 20g of CO2 per letter
  • Zero impact from postal strikes or postage increases

ParetoPost™ ROI Calculator

This free tool provides you with a custom profile that instantly demonstrates the savings made by implementing ParetoPost™. Your custom profile details cost savings per month, per year and per contract in four simple steps.

ParetoPost™ can be more cost efficient than sending PDF emails because:

Firstly, credit controllers can see invoices and POD's which haven’t been viewed or downloaded, so If the debtor claims not to have seen it, they can be directed to the secure portal or resent the unique document web address.

Secondly, fewer emails bounce back. If they do bounce, you can point the recipient to the self-service portal with immediate effect.

ParetoPost™ does not require up-front costs so ROI can be immediate!

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