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ParetoPost™ contains two portals.  The "View Portal" module is provided at a user level and allows client users to access their own documents.  The "View Status" module is offered at manager's level and enables managers to monitor whether the customers have viewed specific documentation.

Features of the "Client View" portal include:

  • View summary of available invoices, statements, PODs etc
  • Filters for new or viewed documents
  • Ability to view profile information
  • Search documents
  • Download selected document
  • View document
  • Attach notes to the document record

Features of the "Manager View" portal include:

  • Search document records
  • View document summary
  • View document
  • Email document link to client
  • Refresh the document visibility period
  • Email status report of document summary
  • Identify emailed, viewed and/or saved documents

We work closely with our clients to fully understand their objectives and then deliver a tailored solution, as no two requirements are identical.