What is ParetoPost™?

ParetoPost™ is a secure web portal for delivering business critical documents – it is ideal for invoices, statements, purchase orders, delivery notes, contracts or any document where traceability is vital.

Unlike email, when you send a document via ParetoPost™ you’ll know if the recipient has viewed the document, downloaded it or even added notes – your credit controller will love it!

Documents can be manually uploaded to ParetoPost™ or automatically submitted from any ERP system.

ParetoPost™  is cost effective and can be implemented in hours..

How can ParetoPost™ help you get ahead of the crowd?

ParetoPost™ can provide you with:

No postage costs | Visibility | Reduce your aged debt | Traceability | Speed |
Certainty of delivery | Customer self service | Reduce carbon footprint |

Deliver business documents instantly, with visibility and up to 80% saving over post!


How can ParetoPost™ save you money?

Every time you post a document it costs your business about £1*. So if you're sending 2,000 documents per month, by moving to ParetoPost™ you can instantly save over £20,000 per year with no up-front costs - now that's significant.

In the case of e-billing, if you are already sending PDF's, ParetoPost's™ self-service portal will help reduce customer service enquiries and provide total document visibility.

* Source: Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) “The true cost of sending a letter in the UK including paper, envelope, toner, machine rental, post and time is between 90p and £1.20."


ParetoPost™ ROI & Calculator

This free tool provides you with a custom profile that instantly demonstrates the savings made by implementing ParetoPost.

Simply enter the cost per document, contract length, whether an ERP connection is required and monthly volume.  Your custom profile then details cost savings per month, per year and per contract.

Remember, ParetoPost™ does not require up-front costs so ROI is immediate!

Return on Investment Information & Calculator

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Are you spending a fortune on post?


Explore an environmentally and cost effective way to deliver business documents quickly and efficiently.

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Do you need document delivery visibility?


Previous postage strikes have hit some companies hard.  ParetoPost™ ensures your invoices get to customers on time.

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